Sun Shipbuilding Consolidates All Marketing Activities —Orth, Winstead And Hunt Named Department Heads

Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., Chester, Pa., has consolidated all its marketing activities into a single Marketing Department under Joseph J. Kleschick, vice president-marketing. This move brings together in one department all the marketing


Crosby Group Adds New Block To Product Line

—Full Catalog Available new try net block has been added to its line of marine products by The Crosby Group, Inc. of Tulsa, Okla. The all-steel Crosby F-453 block with a 6-inch-diameter forged steel sheave with flame-hardened groove is capable

Free 28-Page Color Catalog On Bearings Offered By Duramax

A full-color 28-page catalog featuring both sleeve and flanged water-lubricated bearings is now available from the Duramax® Marine Division of The Johnson Rubber Company, Middlefield, Ohio. This comprehensive catalog serves as a useful guide for

Titeflex Offers 22-Page Catalog On Smooth Bore Teflon Hose

Titeflex Corporation, a Bundy Company, of Springfield, Mass., is offering a free 22-page catalog on their smooth bore Teflon™ hose, which is used for applications in the pressure ranges up to 8,000 psi. The catalog offers dimensions and pressure

Automatic Power Offers 20-Page Color Brochure On Marine Signal Systems

Automatic Power, Inc., Houston, Texas, is offering a free 20-page color brochure, reprinted from their 1984-85 composite catalog, on obstruction lights, fog signals and alarm systems. The brochure, with the use of schematic drawings, black-andwhite photographs,

Maintenance Repair And Overhaul Parts Catalog From Reliance Electric

A new catalog showing a broad range of electrical components and accessories for maintenance, repair, and overhaul of industrial equipment is now available from Reliance Electric Company, Cleveland. C o n t a i n i n g hundreds of photos, drawings,

Tate Andale Offers Free 130-Page Catalog On Marine Products

The consolidation of Tate Temco, Elliot's Strainer Division, and Andale Pipeline Products into one company, Tate Andale, Inc. has led the way for the company's introduction of a new, free 130-page catalog detailing their full line of strainers,

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