Literature Available On Rockwell's Redesigned Steel Globe Valves

A new catalog describing the r e d e s i g n e d Rockwell Univalve® forged steel globe valves is now available from the Flow Control Division, Pittsburgh. These highpressure, high-temperature stop, stop-check, and check valves are used in the power, process, and general industries.

Automatic Power Offers 20-Page Color Brochure On Marine Signal Systems

Automatic Power, Inc., Houston, Texas, is offering a free 20-page color brochure, reprinted from their 1984-85 composite catalog, on obstruction lights, fog signals and alarm systems. The brochure, with the use of schematic drawings, black-andwhite photographs,

Ward Leonard Offers Catalog Listing Quality Controls For Defense-Maritime Applications

Ward Leonard Electric Co., Inc., of Mount Vernon, N.Y., is offering a new 66-page catalog that contains useful information on the company's full compliment of quality electrical control products for both maritime and defenseoriented applications.

New Spicer Universal Joint Couplings Described In New Catalog

A new 12-page catalog (No. 3231) describing Spicer® universal joint couplings for industrial applications is now available from the Spicer Universal Joint Division, Dana Corporation, Detroit. The catalog includes both cardan type and constant-velocity type joints.

Free 72-Page Catalog Describes New Falk Worm Gear Speed Reducers

A comprehensive 72-page catalog now available from The Falk Corporation of Milwaukee, Wis., provides complete details on the firm's new line of OMNIBOX® worm gear speed reducers. The modular-design units are reported to offer a selection of at least 275,000 different combinations.

USS Seamless Pressure Vessels Detailed In New Catalog

United States Steel Corporation (USS) is making available a new catalog on pressure vessels made by their Christy Park Plant in McKeesport, Pa. USS seamless pressure vessels offer an excellent solution to handling, transportation, and storage of highly pressurized gases,

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