Twin City Barge Entering Coal Business

Twin City Barge & Towing Co., St. Paul, Minn., has announced it is entering the coal business by acquiring United Coal Sales Co., Minneapolis, in a transaction valued at $3.75 million. John W. Lambert, president and chairman of the board of Twin City Barge,


Twin City Barge Names W.L. Lusk Vice President

William L. Lusk has joined Twin City Barge & Towing Co. as vice president and general manager of the company's Marine Group, John W. Lambert, president, announced. Twin City Barge's Marine Group includes all barge and towing activities. Mr. Lusk

Sun Shipbuilding Consolidates All Marketing Activities —Orth, Winstead And Hunt Named Department Heads

Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., Chester, Pa., has consolidated all its marketing activities into a single Marketing Department under Joseph J. Kleschick, vice president-marketing. This move brings together in one department all the marketing

Rockwell Publishes New Cast Steel Valve Catalog

A new catalog describing Rockwell Edward cast steel gate, globe, angle, and check valves is now available from the Flow Control Division. Covering high-pressure, hightemperature valves for power, process, and general industries, the catalog reviews product design, development, and testing.

Literature Available On Rockwell's Redesigned Steel Globe Valves

A new catalog describing the r e d e s i g n e d Rockwell Univalve® forged steel globe valves is now available from the Flow Control Division, Pittsburgh. These highpressure, high-temperature stop, stop-check, and check valves are used in the power, process, and general industries.

Valcor Catalog Includes Products For Marine And Naval Applications

—Literature Available Valcor Engineering Corporation, Springfield, N.J., has published a three-ring-binder Aerospace and Support System catalog that includes products that can be used in marine and naval applications. Valcor Engineering has been

Tubbs And FitzGerald Named Vice Presidents At Donhaiser Marine

Francis A. Tubbs and Ray H. FitzGerald have been named vice presidents of Donhaiser Marine, Inc., a Houston, Texas-based engineering firm, according to John N. Donhaiser, president. Mr. Tubbs assumed the duties of vice president of engineering, and Mr.

Maritime Association Publishes 1976 Edition N.Y. Port Handbook

The 1976 edition of The New York Port Handbook, the authoritative source book of information on transportation and air and maritime related services and supply organizations, world trade and government agencies in the port region, has been published by

Levingston Awarded $200 Million To Build Five Bulk Cargo Ships

Robert J. Blackwell, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Maritime Affairs, has announced the award of a $200,075,000 contract to Levingston Shipbuilding Company, Orange, Texas, to construct five self-sustaining dry-bulk cargo ships. The shipowner is Levingston Falcon I Shipping Company,

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