Farboil Offers Two Free Directories On Marine Coatings and Systems

The Farboil Company of Baltimore, Md., has published a directory of their marine coating systems and a directory of their products. Both publications are available from the company without charge. The directory of marine coating systems offers some insight into the protective coatings produced by Farboil. Special coatings are offered for weather deck, bottom, boottopping, topside, superstructure, and cargo space and ballast tank systems. Each coating system offered for the various parts of the vessel, is broken into the categories of conventional and high-performance.

The specification charts listed under under each category can be used to select the correct primer, antifouling, new construction, etc. coating from Farboil's wide range of products. The recently published directory of products offers a listing of Farboil conventional, high-performance and military specification coatings, as well as solvents. Product code, packaging, color, viscosity, weight per gallon, solids percent volume, coverage, recommended film, drying time, potential life and thinner/solvent are given for each product listed.

For free copies of both the Farboil directory of marine coatings and directory of products,

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