New Dravo SteelShip Descriptive Brochures Now Available

Dravo SteelShip Corporation announces three new brochures available. Fresh off the press is a four-color descriptive brochure of the SteelShip 50, a four-color brochure of the general line of AlumaShip vessels built by Dravo SteelShip Corporation, and a completely revised edition of Dravo SteelShip's Catalog of Standard Designs, containing over 100 pages of planning illustrations for pushboats, tugs, dredge tenders, general cargo vessels, supply boats, line handling boats, harbor launches, fireboats, patrol boats, crewboats, fishing vessels, and general service utility launches. Many of the standard designs are part of Dravo SteelShip's "stock boat" program, where vessels are built ahead of order in order to facilitate 30 to 90-day delivery required by today's customers. Copies of these new brochures are available to naval architects and any other interested parties upon request. Write Edward D. Fry, Dravo SteelShip Corporation, Route 4, Box 167, Pine Bluff, Ark. 71602.

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